Sunday, January 12, 2014

New York Times starts native ads

New York Times launched native advertisement at the website on January 8, 2014.

Business Insider: Here's The New York Times' First Ever Native Ad

Native advertising is a technique to deliver proper ads to customers. This kind of advertisement is usually tied up to the media, then it tend to be mimicking a usual article. Nowadays, some digital contents such as social media are utilized to maximize the effect of such advertisement.

Native ads are of course a form of advertisement. So they intend to ignite curiosity of customers to their products. However, it is a little difficult to distinguish them from other news article. Therefore, some readers tend to trust such advertisement because they identify it erroneously as a neutral article.

From the reason, native ads are broadly criticized. The Federal Trade Commission is warning against deceptive advertising practices. New York Times is also criticized by some bloggers.

ZD Net: Here's why 'native ads' are a very bad idea... So why is the NYTimes so clueless?

However, New York Times itself ironically commented that it was doubtful that the customers truly wanted the native ads restricted.

New York Times: As Online Ads Look More Like News Articles, F.T.C. Warns Against Deception

 Dell is the first sponsor of New York Times with native ads. New York Times is extremely cautious not to be misunderstood. Paid posts are marked with several ways and never introduced with the official Twitter or Facebook page.

Anyway, it is certain that New York Times is struggling to gather enough money to sustain the industry. The number of subscribers of newspaper will decrease gradually. It is possible for New York Times to encounter a crisis of corporate acquisition again other than the case of Chen Guangbiao. The New York Times begins native advertising. Will it work?

In my opinion, advertisement itself is not cool, but should not be prohibited with legal regulation. It is very difficult to define vicious advertisement. Ultimately, the choice is ours.

By the way, I cannot see the native ads at the home page of New York Times. I do not know the reason.

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