Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I like curry very much.

When I was a college student, an elder student of the tennis club questioned me what is my favorite food. I was wondering, because I liked almost every kind of foods. The thing I decided to reply was "Daikonmochi" (turnip cake). The elder laughed at me for my odd answer. Then, he asked the same question to my colleague. He immediately replied, "I like Sushi and Yakiniku!" The elder nodded and said to me, "Here, it is an appropriate answer."

Indeed, daikonmochi originates from China, and it is very delicious. However, it is actually not so popular example as a favorite food. After that, I had to think about my favorite food. Finally, I got my own answer.

In Japan, curry is one of the most famous cuisine. OF course, curry originated from India. But in Japan, British style curry is more common. Japanese curry includes large amount of flour. So, it fits to Japonica rice very well. At every shop you can get an instant source of curry which is a mixture of spice, flour, and bouillon. Boiling meat and vegetables with it, you can easily cook Japanese curry.

One of the advantages of curry is that you can throw almost any foods into curry without breaking the taste. This is Avocado Tofu Chicken Curry.

This is Restoration Curry I made when I felt sick. I dropped an apple and a piece of ginger both were ground up. Soon after I ate it, I got recovered.

This curry is covering Pork Shabu-shabu.

Sausages are also a good partner with curry.

I like Indian curry, too. Thai curry also tastes good. Nonetheless, I love Japanese curry.

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  1. Looks nice! :-) Curry is useful when you live abroad. You can cook almost everything in it. You can put any vegetables, any meat, and any fish!