Monday, January 27, 2014

Tragedies of Let's Note

Hard luck is continuing.

Today, I noticed that my Let's Note, produced by Panasonic, was not working in the morning. This is not the one I mentioned in the past. It is Let's Note CF-F8. I bought it about 5 years ago. It equipped Windows Vista, but worked quite well. Later I upgraded the OS to Windows 7. The performance was completely satisfactory.

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One year ago, I felt that this PC would be broken soon. Therefore, I bought another Let's Note. However, after that this one was still working. So, I have been using the both for a year.

After a brief investigation, I understood that the cause of failure was the AC adapter. It could deliver no more electricity to the machine. With an alternative adapter, my Let's Note began to charge its battery.

However, continuous usage of an AC adapter other than official one is a bit dangerous. It is possible that the adapter will explode due to excessive energy. I have to buy another adapter of the same type. The problem is that it costs $100. I consider abandoning this Let's Note.

Let's Note was very popular in business use in Japan. However, it gave the seat to Mac Book Air recently. Panasonic still releases new models of Let's Note twice in every year. But I am not sure whether this brand will survive the next year.

Although Let's Note series are very solid, it is sometimes broken. It is not for the first time that an AC adapter is broken. In addition, I have some experiences of the failures of Let's Note.



  1. I think anyway we must buy a new PC every 3 years, as any PC start to make trouble in the 3rd year.... It doesn't matter whether it is Let's Note, Lenovo, or Mac. If you buy your PC more than 3 years ago, it's time to buy a new one.


    1. Basically I agree with you. But this machine was exceptionally working well in spite of its age. I quite miss it.