Friday, November 15, 2013

Wolverine real but not impressive

I watched "The Wolverine" for the first time in the airplane in the last month..

This is one of the X-MEN series. I like these movies very much. So I expected this film would be also splendid.

The main field of The Wolverine is Japan. The title of this film was renamed into "Wolverine Samurai" in Japan.

Wolverine came to Japan to meet Mr. Yashida, who was saved by Wolverine in youth. Yashida called Wolverine to give him something good as a reward for his request.

It is life and death. Yashida knew that Wolverine was suffering from his own immortality. On the other hand, he wanted eternal life for the prosperity of Yashida family. He proposed an odd deal to Wolverine.

The deal was not completed. Yashida died soon. However, Wolverine lost his ability of healing factor. He became mortal for the unknown reason. Then, the successor of Yashida was stabbed by a group of assassins. Wolverine attempted to protect the lady Mariko.

This is the storyline. It is not surprising that Wolverine lost his healing ability. If the hero were immortal, the audiences would not be able to be excited with thrill that the hero can be killed. The past work "Wolverine X-Men Zero" was a story when he was young. So all audiences knew that he would survive the tough situation. But this film is a sequel to "X-Men: the Last Stand". Therefore the last scene was not revealed until the end of the movie.

To be honest, I think the plot is too simple. Although the action scenes are amazing, I was not so impressed with the story. Japanese cities described in this film are quite real. Foreign audiences perhaps enjoy it. Some American movies such as "Kill Bill" twisted the image of Japan. It is funny but misleading. In contrast, The Wolverine is sincere.

I am not satisfied completely with this film. "X-Men: First Class" was superior. And "The Last Stand" was supreme.

Personal Rating: 3 (fair)

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