Sunday, November 10, 2013

Value of Twitter

Since 2000s, a lot of social networking services have launched. There are more than 1 billion accounts on Facebook in the world. Twitter has been listed followed Facebook. Now SNSs are essential infrastructure in daily life for many people.

I use some SNSs actively. I have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and ResearchGate. The other day, I was also interested in LinkedIn.

However, some people describe about adverse effects on SNSs, such as internet addiction, bullying on the internet, and boiling criticism against inappropriate posts. Virtual happening sometimes cause negative effects on our real life.

I often think that we have not been accustomed to utilize the internet, especially SNSs. It is about 1995 that the word "internet" broadly spread. Twenty years is not long enough to evolve a technique to a culture. We have to do trial and error for a while.

Among several SNSs, I like Twitter the best.
Twitter is deemed as a "loose" SNS with the anonymous setting and limitation of posting length. But these characteristics are not the reason why I favor Twitter.

Twitter does not need approval.

When I follow someone's timeline, I never ask the person in advance. If I was followed by others, I need not to know the persons who are interested in my tweets. I seldom send mentions to other users, direct message either.

I do not hope to connect with other people every time.

Twitter is a medium, rather than a communication tool for me. In addition it has a role of a channel to broadcast my opinion, if necessary. I like this kind of availability very much.

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