Thursday, November 28, 2013

Grand coalition in Germany

A huge administration was born in Germany. The Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to agree with the opposite Social Democrats Party to form an alliance.

Global Post: Germany's biggest parties agree to form 'grand coalition'

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its regional sister party, led by Merkel, have kept the majority since the last general election. Nonetheless, the Merkel administration seems to require much power to determine the policies which are difficult to control.
Some of the contents of the contract of this coalition has been published. They include more investment of public budget to transport infrastructure and raising the minimum wage. There policies reflect the ideology of big government. I think Merkel had to compromise a lot to negotiate to the opposites.

By the way, also in France Hollande in Socialist Party won the seat of the Prime Minister. Of course Obama in the US leads Democrats Party which aims to cover broader social insurance. It seems that the world politics is inclined to social democracy rather than neo-liberalism.

Nowadays, every politician is difficult to perform strong leadership because his supporters are more vulnerable due to the increasing speed of the change of society. But it is stable that there is a certain amount of poor people. Social insurance is an extremely serious issue for them. I think that it is one of the reasons for the rise of socialists.

However, it is not sure whether socialism could solve this great problem. We must be cautious not to let both capitalism and socialism run out of control.

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