Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Same sex marriage

Hawaii is going to legalize same sex marriage, according to Huff Post.

Huff Post: Hawaii Senate To Take Final Vote On Gay Marriage

Now only 14 states in the US have legislation to allow same sex marriage. Thus, the majority of the US seems to hesitate to consider this issue. I remember that a broad argument rose when President Obama made a comment to be the side of gay. I was a little surprised to know that the nation of freedom was so conservative.

To be honest, I have no opinion about same sex marriage. Anyone can get coupled with the sweetheart of him, I think. It is his own choice. I dare not to interfere with him.

To begin with, marriage, as a traditional system, is nearly dead in developed countries. Recently, one-third of the couples is expected to divorce. Marriage as a lifetime contract is not deemed as a common sense, at least in the statistics.

In Japan, the right of inheritance of an illegitimate child is now under discussion. Current law regulates that they can succeed only the half of estate compared with legitimate children from their parents. This scheme is criticized as a discrimination against love children. I agree with this claim. It is no doubt that Japan is far more conservative than the US.

I anticipate that the concept of the family will be vague in the future. Children will have to be nurtured by the society, not only by his family members. Then, whether same sex marriage is accepted will be not so important.

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