Monday, November 11, 2013

Memories of class

Today I attended a dinner party with my colleagues. We ate delicious Yakiniku beef with quite low cost. I was completely satisfied.

On the seat, we made a conversation about my old memory.

When I was a junior high school student, I met many teachers who were very interesting. I remember some of them very clearly even it was over 20 years ago. They held informative classes at the school. But then I did not notice the true meaning.

For example, I remember a teacher who covered politics. In common, politics is one of the worst classes in junior high school. It was boring. In addition, I was so young that I could not recognize the relationship between policy and our daily life. I think it is not surprising for a schoolboy.

So I nearly fell asleep at the beginning of the class. Then, the teacher wrote a message on the blackboard with big and dirty letters.

"Even if you forgot the policy, the policy would catch you."

To be honest, I could not understand the meaning of this message. Of course I could read the sentence. But I did not imagine the day when I have to consider about policy making of Japan.

Now, our daily life is influenced by the lawmakers considerably. Hiring options such as white collar exemption and regulation of terminable labor contract are critical topics. The organization I belong to will face a crisis of corruption if the Diet makes some bad decisions. Now I know that the policy is easy to save, and also destroy our lives.

Now I am thankful for my teachers. At the same time, I am willing to teach my students about something worth to remember in the future.

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