Monday, November 25, 2013

The worst thing in our lives

Imagine what is most desperate thing in human beings.
Poverty, war, disaster, or discrimination?

There are lots of unhappy things in the world. We have overcome some of them during long history.

I am confident that Japan is the happiest place to live. We feel extremely safe in Japan. The probability to be involved a serious crime is quite low. In addition, no wars in which Japan participated have occurred since the end of WW II. We are proud of the fact that Self Defense Force in Japan has killed nobody ever before. It is extremely rare for citizens in Japan to be starved. We can get a large amount of foods every day. Japanese people are polite and lawful. We have no worry to be tricked by a vender. In addition, the Japanese health care system is excellent. Japan has almost the top of life expectancy in the world. Japan is one of the lowest groups of the infant death rate.

What a happy life as a Japanese!
However, there is a terrible pitfall.

Japan is a suicide rich country as I mentioned in the past. Recently, the death rate of young people has increased. We must consider what it means.

Some people consider this phenomenon indicates the degradation of Japanese. According to them, Japanese has been accustomed excessively to the peace. We cannot imagine the people who live in developing countries. Yes, it is a reasonable interpretation, I think.

On the other hand, there is another hypothesis that can explain the growth of suicides in younger age. Younger people in Japan are getting difficult to be hopeful for the future. Our parents had experienced the era of rapid growth of the economy. In the 1960s, Japan was so poor, but quite energetic. Those lived in the age could believe that the future would be happier. So they made efforts. It is no doubt that the prosperity in Japan owes to those people.

However, today's Japan has several problems in the society. Elder people are increasing, meanwhile the birth rate remains low. The national debt is rapidly growing. We are not sure whether we would be able to receive the pension when aged. Economically shrinking is the destiny of Japan. Nowadays health care for elder people is paid much attention. Caregivers will be insufficient. I heard some miserable cases of murder by a caregiver result from severe fatigue due to long term nursing.

Some evidences suggest that youth in Japan has difficulty to be hopeful. It is an extremely severe problem. In addition, whether aged people will spend a happy life with their family without annoying each other is uncertain.

The death is the absolute enemy of human. However, we may be going to wish the death not so delayed. It is quite ironic and also despondent.

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  1. One of the biggest problem for Japanese youth is "lack of classmate". There are a lot of young people who do not possess siblings. Also, the whole population of youth is decresing. Even in Tokyo, sometimes a junior high school has only 30-40 students in each grade. In local city the situation is much worse..... In this situation young people cannot talk together and discuss about their future. Furthermore, there are much more elder, sick people in their city, so young people can easily imagine what they must do in the future. That is not wonderful future, at least.