Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Travel to New York (1)

The last weekend I went to New York to visit some facilities of mental health. So, I traveled abroad again just after coming from Belgium. I am so tired.

I landed at New York JFK airport. It was a tiny airport.

New York city is one of the biggest cities I have ever visited. There are tall buildings all around there.

Most buildings had modern shapes. But there were some traditional architectures.

The day of the first I had time to walk around the city. So I visited the Museum of Modern Art.

Lots of pictures, photos, and statues were presented in the place. Unfortunately, most of them were too difficult for me to understand.

The hotel I stayed was gorgeous but not so comfortable.
The room was good.

However, the view was bad. Nothing to see.

Some of my colleagues are annoyed by the elevators which were very slow.
I had noticed the hair dryer was not working well.

The hotel did not equip breakfast service. So I went to another hotel nearby.

The breakfast was very nice. I hoped I had stayed there if possible.

(To be continued)

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