Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Travel to New York (2)

The climate of the New York city was unstable when I visited. I encountered a storm. But after that it was a beautiful sky.

Some people said that England cuisine was quite bad. Another said American cuisine was also bad. I confirmed that the latter was incorrect at least. I enjoyed some meal in New York.

This is linguine I ate at a lunch. Taste good.

The first night in New York I had a dinner at a bar nearby the hotel. The Caesar salad was not bad but crunches of bread were too big.

And it is a hamburger! A soul food of America.

A translator recommended us to visit the restaurant, named Landmarc.

I ate an Angus beef rib-eye steak. Tasted great! It was far different from Ohmi-Gyu, but also ultimate.

By the way, the CNN presented Potato Chips and Butter Pop Corns as very best foods in the world.

I enjoyed staying in New York. It was also informative for me.

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