Sunday, November 17, 2013

Equal payment bill will come in Swiss?

Swiss will be soon facing a big challenge again. A proposal which restricts the amount of salary for  executives will be voted.

Business Insider: A Proposal To Limit Swiss Executive Pay To 12 Times That Of Low-Paid Employees Has Fat Cats Worried

This idea is called 1:12 initiative. The content is that all companies are required to limit the ratio of salaries between the top and the bottom less than 12 times. This proposal was signed up by over than 100,000 people. Therefore, a national vote about this will be held on Nov. 24.

Swiss is also arguing about the introduction of the basic income. It is also a considerable issue, although I do not know the date of the vote.

My past entry: Basic income in Swiss: A challenge?

If these proposals are accepted, Swiss will dramatically change the shape of the nation. Every person can receive money the amount of which guarantee daily life without starving. It will definitely be a great help for poor people. In contrast some leading persons will lose a large amount of money. According to this report above, currently most companies pay their executives salaries that are more than a hundred times of their lowest-paid employees. It is not surprising at all. They will have to correct their earning portfolios immediately if the bill is realized. I guess then most of talented persons will go out from Swiss.

After all, I anticipate that both the two proposals will be rejected. Correction of inequality is a matter necessary to accomplish in developed countries. However, it is too difficult to be achieved by some bills. Our society is complicated. There is no solution that satisfies all.

Nonetheless, the system of the national vote in Swiss is quite interesting. It may help citizens consider the scheme of society and the life in the future.


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