Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bose quiet comfort 3

Today, I bought a noise cancelling headphone, named "Quiet Comfort 3" by Bose.

Actually, this is my third noise cancelling device.

Several years ago, I bought one for the first time. It was an earphone type device. But unfortunately it was soon broken.

The headphone type device is hard to carry due to its size. Instead, it is easy to equip without pain for a long time. So I tried using a mobile headphone the next. Even now I use it. However, the quality of the sound was not satisfactory.

Today, I decided to spend money. Actually, Bose hardwares are so expensive.

Some items unofficially imported are sold with low cost via But some reviewers comment that they did not work well.

This model is a mobile type. Nonetheless, it is much larger than that I used before.

As I tried in a store, noise cancelling performance was incredibly excellent. I hardly heard any noise around me when equipped. I expect I will listen to English movies in a train without any stress.


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