Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ultimate slimming method in Venezuela

A new surgical treatment for obese patients is paid attention in Venezuela.

The ‘Miracle’ Tongue Patch: Beauty-Conscious Venezuela’s New Extreme Diet

In this method, a surgeon stitches a piece of material to the surface of the tongue of the patients who suffers from binge eating. This patch causes pain when eating. So the patient can reduce the amount of each meal.

Obesity is a big problem all over the world, especially in developed countries. Taking too calories chronically may cause damage to various internal organs, finally lead to death. It is said that more than one third of the people in the USA is suffering from obesity (BMI>30). In Japan, severe obese patients are relatively rare. Nonetheless, slimming is a quite popular matter in Japanese society. Books about diet are often bestselling.

Treatment for obesity is categorized into 3 types.
One, the most usual method is living activity; diet and exercise. They are quite simple but hard to carry out efficiently. You know, no one can accomplish the goal of slimming as she planned.
Another way is medication. Slimming drugs sound good, isn’t it? However, some of them make troubles to you. Several adverse effects are reported. To begin with, sliming is a phenomenon against the nature. So, slimming drugs are more or less poisonous. The other day, some people took methamphetamine to reduce appetite to lose weight. Needless to say, it is a very dangerous challenge. Methamphetamine is restricted, because of its high dependency and psychotic effect.
The lethal weapon against the obesity is surgery. In Japan, partial gastrectomy is available in some hospitals. The smaller her stomach is, the lighter her weight, is it true? I do not know the true effect of this method.

Anyway, you should cautious to the fact that obesity is a disease of habit. If you do not change your behavior of eating after you succeed to reduce your body weight with some medical care, you would regain the obese body.
Therefore, I am doubtful about the effect of this tongue surgery.

It is more surprising that the slimness is strongly estimated in Venezuela.

Slimming culture is commonly seen all over the world. Also in Japan, being slim seems to be a condition to be loved by men. Recently, excessive desire to the sliminess is deemed to be problematic in some countries. I hear that Vogue, a famous fashion magazine, decided not to adopt too slim girl as a model.

It is also to be considered that some obese people have eating disorders (EDs). Patients with ED cannot control their appetite properly. Therefore the usual diet method is not effective for them. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be beneficial. I participated in a research about it in the past.

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