Monday, June 3, 2013

Atelier Ayesha begins

The other day I got a PS3 game, titled "Atelier Ayesha: the Alchemist of Dusk ".

This is one of Atelier series maid by Gust. The first product "Atelier Marie" was produced as a Play Station software in 1997. I have played a couple of this series.

One of the advantages of Atelier series is the system. The heroine is an alchemist. She is very weak as a fighter, but can make various magical items from the materials. She has to go out to seek the materials to create more stronger items. The products you created would help your adventure. The more distant from the home town you go to, the more rare and powerful materials you can find. However, the game is over when the deadline comes. You should perform both compounding and gathering to accomplish your own ending in the limited time. The balance is quite challenging.

The persons in Atelier series are all charming. The heroine is a teenaged girl with cute appearance and pleasant character. Several friends and foes appear in this series, all of which have their own appeal.

I chose an English version imported by for my English learning. Unfortunately, it is as doubled the price compared to the English version.

The voice actors work very well. Written English is easy to understand.
I think that reimported media may be good tools to learn English with a fun for beginners, as I wrote about Madoka-Magica.
I am enjoying playing now. I will complete this game in a month.


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