Monday, June 17, 2013

Suicide in Greece

Greece seems to be struggling situation.

CNN Money: Greece shuts state broadcaster in austerity push

The story about the financial crisis of Greece spread to Japan several years ago. I remember that Mr. Naoto Kan, the past prime minister referred to Greece to warn the economic status in Japan.

Greece has to be asking for help of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF demands Greece to improve the fiscal balance sheet. Therefore Greek people are suffering from the austerity. Some people say this depression causes a lot of death.

Press TV: Suicide rate in Greece rises by 26 percent, hits 50-yr. high

Indeed, the suicide rate of Greece is rising, as I suspected past.
Nonetheless the absolute rate of suicide in Greece is much lower than in Japan.

This graph is made from the OECD data shown.
On the other hand, I noticed that the suicide rate in Greece was also higher in the 1960s.
In this era Greece had experienced a rapid economic growth, similar to Japan. The suicide rate was decreasing in Japan in the contrast. I do not know what happened in Greece.

Japan is mirroring to Greece as the fact that there are a lot of government officials and a large amount of national debt. Interestingly, Japan has world heritages as much as Greece. Japan has to be worried about Greece.

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