Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Discussion about the TPP in Japan and China

China is considering joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), according to The Asahi Shinbun.

The TPP is an alignment among the participants to free the trading from any barriers. It is well known that free trading gives both countries total prosperity as an economic theory. Therefore, several countries including the USA and Japan were arguing about the establishment of the rules for free trading for some decades. It is a global tide.

However, the TPP could make some stakeholders extremely confused.
For example, the TPP prohibits any non-tariff barriers basically. So it is possible that a foreign company will override the Japanese national health insurance. Registered doctors or nurses in foreign countries may be able to work in Japan. Some people say that it those changes will destroy the health system in Japan.
Moreover, legislation about copyright is quite various each other country. If the rule of copyrights is integrated, lawyers in the USA are ease to file suits against foreign companies, as the USA is one of the copyright - richest country.
Of course, Japanese farmers are opposed to TPP. They are afraid of decreasing sales after the abolition of customs duty.

Presenting some dangerousness above, many politicians are opposing to the TPP in Japan. The amount of opposites had reached almost half of all representatives.

Mr. Yoshihiko Noda, a past Prime Minister declared to join the TPP in the last year. Mr. Shinzo Abe also succeeded the outline.

Above all, free trade makes us happy throughout the country, but some will suffer. Therefore, some guilds can never agree with the TPP.

On the other hand, the TPP has the other characteristics. Free trading between the participants means the exclusion of the countries not participating in the TPP.
China is not ready to join TPP for some reasons, such as delayed establishment of legislation about copyright. It is clear that the USA has an intention to shut out China from free trading to take the initiative in the world.

It may be bad news for the USA that China has started to join the TPP. However, it is also good, because joining the TPP means that China is involved in the global standard.

In any case, Japan has no option than joining the TPP. I think that Japan should declare about this matter as soon as possible to play the role to make the rule, not obey the rule.


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