Saturday, June 15, 2013

A case of ridiculous police call in England

This is strange news about a police call.

According the BBC, the man who called the police claimed that a woman had breached the Sale of Goods Act, because she was not as attractive as she had claimed.
The woman was a prostitute whom he called to a hotel.

The reaction of the police is interesting. The officer sent the man a letter warning him about bothering the police.

This funny story has two focuses.

One, the man seems not to recognize that buying sex is a crime, or at least an outrageous act. If he had thought he was doing an illegal act, he would have not called the police. Actually, the police told the man that soliciting for sex is illegal. He was so lucky not to be arrested for the sex crime.

The other is the quality of goods. We often get an item not satisfying us. Sometimes sellers cheat buyers because of asymmetry of information. Therefore, the Sale of Goods Act has established to protect weak buyers. In Japan, the Product Liability Act was enforced in 1995.
However, subjective satisfaction is quite vague and immeasurable. Especially, aesthetic sense is various in each person. I think that, a claim for disability of a tool is valid, but subjective beauty is out of warranty. Even if prostitutes were legal, I cannot understand his action.

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