Thursday, June 27, 2013

Banning of Google account due to instant upload

Recently, I heard some reports of troubles around Google account.

tappli blog: A story of Banned Google account (in Japanese)

The author has experienced a banning of Google account all at sudden.
He did not know the reason for a while. At last he remembered that he took a photo of his 4 years old son naked.
He had no intention to abuse his son. One day, the little boy had a pain of his penis, and rejected wearing pants. Then the author took a photo of his son as a joke.
Unfortunately, he had set the function of instant uploading of Google plus available.
The photo of his son was uploaded into a server of Google. Although he never published his photos, Google identified the photo as child pornography.

Google is now endeavoring to extinct child porn. Google introduced a new algorithm to detect the images of child porn automatically.
In Japan it is now under discussion whether possessing child porn is a punishable act.

Our continued commitment to combating child exploitation online

It is a little surprising that Google is investigating any photos of the unpublished area of individual folders in Google server. It seems that every uploaded file is not private ones for Google. On the other hand, if a server possessed by Google was used for illegal purposes, Google might be responsible for it. Therefore Google may always have to investigate the equipment, similar to BBSs.

Anyway, the goal of Google is to make the world searchable. Facebook has similar ambitions. Will it be possible to reveal all problematic files immediately if they so wish?
However, it is not so simple. The current trend is going to enclosing valuable information. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Line will not be friendly to each other.

At least, we should be prudent for using cloud technology. I have disabled the instant upload function of my Google plus.

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