Saturday, June 29, 2013

My best computer games (2) Baldur's Gate

My best computer games (1) OBLIVION

I bought a Windows PC machine in 1998 for the first time. Soon after, I bought several PC games. I found one of them was the best one - "Baldur's Gate".

It is a computer RPG originally created by Bioware with the system of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D), a famous Tabletalk RPG. AD&D was one of most popular and sophisticated system for playing in a fantasy world. Even now, succeeding system (D&D 4th edition) is the best selling.
But AD&D was very complicated system. Moreover it had a quite large data. So nobody imagined that we would be able to play a computer game with the system of AD&D.

However, Baldur's Gate realized it.

The first product of Balder's gate equipped almost all elements of AD&D, but the level of the player characters is limited to level 7. It means no person in the game can cast the spells more than level 5. It is a little disappointing. Fortunately, sequential series equipped more higher levels.

When I played, I was impressed by detailed graphics and clear sound. Furthermore, Baldur's Gate had  a structured story around the player character. Storytelling was not a tide in American Computer games in those days. I was quite surprised to be dragged into the world in this game.

The player character was told by her foster father to run out from her home town to avoid from a deeper intrigue. However, the foster father was killed by mysterious assassins. The player character came to another town to seek his old friends.

After several episodes and adventures, the secret of the birth of the player character was revealed. Finally, she must select whether she will succeed the Throne of Bhaar.

Now, this series is playable at
Recently, an arranged version was released. Unfortunately, it was not working on my PC.

A couple of games were also related to Balder's Gate were released on PS3. I do not recommend them, for inferiority of them than the original series.

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