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The 8 reasons why the thought that IQ is meaningless is meaningless

Recently, I saw an article referring to the meaningless of Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Listverse: 8 Reasons The IQ Is Meaningless

Mmm, it is a little one sided. I agree with this article partially. However, it is misleading. I will examine each factor the author mentions sequentially.

8: Original purpose

The author claims that IQ test cannot evaluate extremely high intelligence.
Actually, the method developed by Binet is to be used to examine children only. In Japan Tanaka-Binet method is frequently used, for children only.
I wonder why the author does not refer to Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). The WAIS is adaptable for any adult. It is useful to evaluate one's ability to some degree. In fact, extremely high IQ is not evaluated correctly.

7: Unfair

The author says that general knowledge should be excluded from the elements of intelligence.
I disagree with this opinion.
Whether pure intelligence exists without any knowledge is an unsolved problem. Various attitudes are accepted about this matter. My opinion is that it is not pragmatic to hypothesize the existence of pure intelligence. We should make a lot of decisions every day. Then no one is free from knowledge acquired past to make each decision. A person with little knowledge may have difficulty to live compared to another with much knowledge. Therefore I think pragmatic intelligence is inseparable from general knowledge. And we have to know the ability of living, not pure intelligence, of the client in a clinical setting.

By the way, the entering examination for Mensan in Japan does not include "Klein Bottle". Mensa International has also modulation of the examination to get rid of the influence of cultural background of the examinee, I heard.

6: Bragging rights

This article warns that IQ can be a cause of discrimination.
I feel that this article itself is too biased. The author label every child and their parents discriminate.
Similar discussion occurred in Japan. Nowadays most school reports do not mark the achievements of the children. However, is evaluation with the score always discrimination? Is getting rid of scoring truly friendly for children? I am quite doubtful.
In fact, there are children with low intelligence congenitally. To detect the children with these disabilities at an early stage and give them some special education must be beneficial for them.
Excessive equality is harmful.

5: Creativity

The author claims some persons with great creativity cannot be evaluated with IQ.
Of course, IQ cannot evaluate creativity. It is not the role of IQ. To begin with, who has a tool for evaluating creativity accurately? Although the conclusion I agree with, this section is out of focusing.

4 Speed Irrelevant

According to the author, IQ test takes account of the speed of thinking.
It is partially correct. Some of the tests do not evaluate the speed.
I think that speed is an important factor of intelligence.  Moreover, speed of performance is essential for the people other than astronauts too, isn't it?

3 Einstein problem

The author suggests the problem with evaluating intelligence based on a few elements.
This opinion is contradictory to other sections. The author said including general knowledge to evaluate intelligence was unfair.
Some kinds of the examination may advantageous for particular people. It is unavoidable, since the test time is limited. We must choose an appropriate method for the purpose of collecting data to aid the examinee.

2 Difinition

The author claims that the definition of intelligence is vague.
I agree with it. Modern psychology has not completed to detect the absolute essence of intelligence yet.
But it is an excessive request now I think. Even if this problem is unsolved, trying to evaluate intelligence is not meaningless.

1 intellect alone

I could not understand the conclusion of this section.
Does the author think intelligence should be used correctly? If so, what is the correct usage of intelligence? Does the invention of atomic bomb result from misuse of intelligence? Does dynamite invented by Mr. Nobel? Who determines it?

Totally, the original article includes some misunderstandings and prejudice.
What I strongly want to say is that IQ is merely IQ. The IQ hardly represents a human. Mensans also say, "Mensa is similar to a club of tall men."

Past entry about Mensa: Mensa and the goal of life

Additionally, the unique purpose of evaluating intelligence of the client is to help the client. It is clinical practice, though Mensa is no more than a hobby.

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