Sunday, June 9, 2013

Essence of Failure: from Edo era to a charismatic Teacher

Today, I watched TV on which Mr. Osamu Hayashi, a popular teacher, appeared.
He told his pupils about the importance of learning.

Some of his words impressed me. For example, he said that there were three reasons why a person lost; lack of information, arrogance and bias. He has learned that every failure had a certain reason with the learning of the history.

"Every defeat has reasons, some victory has no reasons."

It is a famous epigram by Mr. Katsuya Nomura, past director of a professional baseball team in Japan. Everytime you lose a game, you should be responsible for the result. On the other hand, if you win a game, it can due to luck.

Actually, this word is not original of Mr. Nomura.
Mr. Seizan Matsuura, a Daimyo in Edo era wrote this word in his book, Kendan (About the swords).

Recently, a book named "Shippai no Honshitsu (The Essence of Failure)" is best selling in Japan. This book analyzes the activity of the Japanese army in the World War II, to describe about the pattern of several failures. The authors concluded that overadaptation to the environment led to rigid action repeated.

A lot of people pointed out about this matter. I agree with the opinion that every failure has own reason.
In my opinion, the essence of failure is described below;

(1) Lack of goal
To begin a battle, definite the goal first. If you neglect it,  you will not be able to success, even cannot know that you have failed.

(2) Lack of resource
Of course, adequate resources are essential. They include both money, time, human and information. If one of them is short, you should compensate for it with another resource.

(3) Lack of sharing
Before you start the game with a concrete goal and fertile resources, you have to confirm it for your allies. Especially, both the roles and interests each player is responsible for must be accepted by all players in advance.

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