Sunday, June 23, 2013

Every jobs vanish

Newspapers will be delivered by an ornithopter in France, Tech Crunch reported.

Tech Crunch: Drones Will Deliver The Morning Paper In France

Of course, it is a joke of April Fool. But some media believed it was true.

It is a funny article. Newspapers have been digitized partially still now. The newspaper companies will get rid of paper-style publications in the future, rather than buying ornithopters.

Not only deliverers, but also a lot of jobs face of the crisis of extinction recently.

Google car is approaching to be realized. If succeeded, taxi or bus drivers will lose their jobs. Most traffic accidents are due to human error. Automated vehicles are far safer when appropriately programmed. I think few people will be willing to drive a car for business use in the future.

Bloomburg: Google’s Self-Driving Cars Get Boost From U.S. Agency

3D printers are also focused. The fact that a pattern to  assemble a gun was uploaded to internet caused discussion the other day. Can anyone create firearms without special skills. Fortunately, the strength of synthetic resin is not enough to resist the pressure of firearms now. However if the problem of the material is solved, perhaps we can make any products at home. Then, almost all manufacturing industries will be perished.

CNET: 3D-printed guns may face regulations, bans in New York

Delivery and transportation are near to be extinct.

Digital telecommunication enabled us to talk together at a long distance. We can work without visiting the office.

How about service industries?

Japan is one of the best countries at the level of service. Employees at a convenience store or McDonald's is quite polite. You will experience a comfortable stay at a resort hotel.

Nonetheless,  Japanese people are not satisfied. Some social communication sites to evaluate services are popular in Japan. They are available for free. We prefer personal information to professional recommendation in some categories. Service providers are also forced to change.
Medical and caring service is hardly to be replaced by a machine because it is quite complicated. But some methods to detect the best way to treat a patient is developed, so called Evidence based medicine (EBM). EBM is not a way to digitize medical care. But, doctors who cannot use EBM properly will be refused soon.

What kind of occupation survives the modern era?

I think there are two answers.

One is human instinct; food and sex.

Though making food is automated, some people want to eat more delicious meals. To cook materials for others who have a special sense of taste is not so simple task. Pursuing new tastes is long lasting.

Sex industries are also eternal. It is said that the oldest job is a prostitute. Sex culture will be changed. Anyway needs for sexual instinct will be lasting.

The other is education.

The history of human evolution is the history of education. To train others is a great task. And the method of training has not been authorized yet. The individual difference of each human will be decreased in the future. So talented trainers will be valuable.

However, it does not mean that the current situation of education will last so long. Most universities will face a tough time, as I wrote. I do not know what kind of form is the best mentor in the future.

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