Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Uploading your child's photos causes complicated issues

In the era of the social network, we have to confront several issues which have not been present so far. Uploading photos including images of others may cause troubles if you have not got a consent. This idea seems to be widely spread.  But how about your child's?

In France, the government warned parents not to post images with an intimate detail of their children on the social media.

The Conversation: Think again before you post online those pics of your kids

There are several risks around uploading your children's photo on the internet. First of all, your child would be targeted of kidnapping by criminals, if you are a celebrity. Even if not, your child's face would attract some people with a pedophilic thought.

Second, as the author of the article above mentioned, digital images once uploaded will be perpetual. If your child blames you on posting your child's embarrassing image, you will be not able to cancel it. And what kind of topics will you feel embarrassing is different from one another.

This issue; the eternity of digital records, is quite a new challenge for human society. We are afraid of forgetting something important. At the same time, we are relieved from fear and regret thanks to the ability to forget the past. Patients with PTSD are suffering from recurring desperate images of traumatic memory.

I have no solution to this issue. Facebook was launched 14 years ago. Will historians in the 22nd century be able to reproduce our view completely? It is far from my imagination.

You should take a consent of your child before uploading your child's photo. It is obvious. But, whether the capacity of giving consent is equipped in your child is an additional issue. In general, Children under 13 or 14 have no perfect competence to give informed consent. Thus, you take the whole responsibility for uploading the photos of your toddler.

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