Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas gift and memory of "Team-demi"

Christmas is approaching. Do you have already decided what do you send to your sweetheart?

In December in 2014, I stayed in London. The DVD of "Gone Girl" was the most popular present for Christmas there, according to Londoners seemed to send inexpensive but cool gifts to their friends.

And, there are examples of goods each of which can be bought within 10 GBP. They include some items to enrich your daily life a little.

International Business Times: The best technology Christmas gifts under £10

With watching them, I remember an item which would be matched as a Christmas gift. It is named "Team-demi." It is a combination of seven stationaries. In a pretty box, you find a stapler, scissors, a grew, a ruler, a cutter, a tape, and a tape measure. Each of them has some specific merits. For example, some holes are made in the ruler so that you can use it as a compass with two pencils.

Good Design Award: Team-demi

Team-demi was developed in 1985. I was so impressed with it when I got it for the first time. It won the Good Design Award. And it was renewed in 2001 as "Team-demi Musee."

Unfortunately, Team-demi has been sold out, and it is difficult for you to get one. In my memory, it was approximately 10 GBP. If released in London, Team-demi would become popular, I believe.

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