Saturday, December 10, 2016

Impeachment vote against Korean President Park

Park Guen-hye was gotten rid of political power following an impeachment.

International Business Times: Park Guen-hye stripped of political power after overwhelming impeachment vote

Park, the South Korean President, was accused of corruption last month. It has been revealed that Choi Soon-sil, a Korean woman close to Park had been gaining several privileges from Park’s support. She was arrested on information leakage. After the media report, nationwide criticism was ignited, and the Park administration lose citizens’ support. At first, she did not mention early resignation. But recognizing the intensity of condemning, she suggested to drop out from a Presidential seat on the next spring.

My past entry: Park Guen-hye in peril

However, criticism against Park was never weakened. It seems that Park had underestimated the anger of citizens. An impeachment vote against Park was conducted. Some politicians even in opposing parties hesitated to agree with the impeachment for the risk to cause political empty. But, finally, 80% of lawmakers supported the vote. Park will be subjected to the trial in Constitutional Court in Korea.

In my sense, Park’s act is not acceptable to Korean citizens. She may deserve to resignation. However, it is not sure that making an impeachment vote is beneficial to Korea. Park is an excellent politician at least in her former half of the terms. I wonder no one admires her ability to administer the nation.

I feel the hatred of Koreans against people who are different from ordinary individuals, such as politicians, is so strong that they lose temper to fail to make a rational judgment. This tendency is similarly seen also in Japanese. In this term, Korean and Japanese share an alignment of extensive identification. It is different from European people, who are basically indifferent to others’ behavior unless it is harmful to others.

The instability of South Korea leads to the rise of North Korea. Also, Donald Trump, the US President-elect is considering to withdraw the US military protecting South Korea. I am afraid this issue will bring further tragedies.


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