Monday, December 5, 2016

Poll results in Austria and Italy and the future of EU

On Dec 4th, 2016, Austrian Presidential vote was conducted. As a result, Alexander van der Bellen, the former Green Party leader, defeated Norbert Hofer, a far-right politician, to be reelected.

It is quite relieving for European countries that Hofer failed to grab the top of Austria. Hofer belongs to Freedom Party which has an exclusive policy and strongly against accepting refugees. If he had won the vote, the EU would have approached to its termination by one step.

However, the difference of the acquisition rate among two candidates is so close; 53 percent v 46 percent. This result had not been certain until the vote box was entirely open.

Independent: Austria: European leaders celebrate defeat for far-right Hofer as 'the liberal majority pushes back'

There are still many supporters of Freedom Party, while Green Party cannot get the majority of the parliament. Whereas Austrian President has only limited administrative powers, it is uncertain which way the nation will proceed to.

In contrast, Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, committed to resigning following the result of the latest poll. Italian voters rejected the amendment of Constitution supposed by Renzi. It is expected that Five Star Movement, an anti-establishment party, will grow in the Italian parliament. It means the risk for Italy to exit from the EU is increased.

The Guardian: Italy heads to the polls: 'We are playing for the next 20 years' – Renzi

Considering these results, it seems to become a little difficult for EU to survive for more years. The next year, a general election will be held in Germany. If Angela Merkel loses the vote, it will be a critical damage for the EU. Even if not, the EU has to reconsider its value in the current era of uncertainty.

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