Monday, December 26, 2016

Do sex robots threaten our life?

In every kind of technology, there are a couple of sources for its development and spread: war and sex. Especially, sexual contents are one of the most powerful drives to infiltrate new technologies into our daily life. The internet is a good example.

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Recently, AI and robots are focuses of attention by engineers. Some people, including celebrities such as Elon Musk, are warning the risk of robots with overoptimized AI. The paperclip crisis has not been given an ultimate solution.

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Then, is a robot also dangerous in sexual usages? This issue was seriously discussed in the International Congress of Love and Sex with Robots. Fortunately, the conclusion seems relieving. Actually, there are some people to be dead due to excessive sexual activity. A reliable security system is indispensable to be equipped in a digital sexual partner.

The Guardian: Good news! You probably won’t be killed by a sex robot

There are some other problems to be addressed in this topic. As mentioned in this article above, some providers will create sex robots which fantastically resemble a particular person. Also, they will be able to customize them following your choice. It is possible that a bad guy who is stalking you orders a sex robot which mimics your face and body, instead of  Scarlet Johansson. Indeed, some porn video providers were sued for an infringement of copyright.

Another possibility is crippled libido due to extreme ecstasy provided by sex robots. It is said that guys accustomed with porn are likely to be difficult to be satisfied to sexual activity with partners. It is hardly proven because the sexual drive is various among people. But I understand the worry of people with conservative thought.

The issues to be considered are widespread from technology to ethics. We have to be cautious not to realize a dystopia using newly technology.

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