Saturday, December 24, 2016

Uber's self-driving cars banned from California

The authorities of California prohibited Uber from continuing the test of self-driving cars on the road. The reason was breaches of traffic regulation, according to the media.

The Guardian: Uber cancels self-driving car trial in San Francisco after state forces it off road

Uber had launched a total of 16 vehicles which were automated into the road. But they had not acquired proper permission. Also, they occasionally ran over the red right.

Uber started the operation of self-driving cars in this autumn for the first time. But, its program seems not perfect. As soon as the test began, passengers saw the vehicles ran across the road where a pedestrian was going to walk.

First, I was surprised to know Uber was challenging to the development of self-driving cars. If automated vehicles are spread, Uber's business model will be threatened; hiring a driver will no more necessary. Another point of view suggests us that Uber will focus on the traffic environment itself in the future. Uber may want to become a transportation supplier.

However, it seems Uber's technology is too immature to be examined on the public road. Google car has cause few accidents for years, including only one fatality.

My past entry: First fatal case of auto-driving car

I believe California's decision is appropriate. There are already many people willing to drive a car. Self-driving cars are needless unless they are safer than human, in my sense.

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