Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pandemic: An excellent solo-oriented board game

Recently, I bought Pandemic in iPad App Store. I was interested in this game previously. As it was sold for a lowered price, I made a click.

Pandemic is for one-to-four players, collaborative game. The players shared an ultimate goal: protecting human from the four deadly viruses.

Each player received a unique skill according to the occupation. For example, a scientist can make a vaccine easier than other players. Every player starts from the base in Atlanta. There are some cities already polluted by a virus. Players can take a move to a nearby city, or fly to a distant city using a city card or other solution. They also can erase one (or more) virus. Players in the same city can transfer the city card whose name is the same as the city they stay. A player collected five city cards in the same category can make a vaccine. Finally, when the fourth vaccine is developed, all players win.

In each turn, pollution with viruses proceed. An outbreak occurs if four pieces of the same virus chip are placed in the city. In addition, there are some opportunities for an epidemic event. If an epidemic occurs, pollution speed is accelerated. If the world is occupied by the viruses, all players lose the game.

In Pandemic, every player acts collaboratively. It is possible that one human takes control of all players. Thus, this game is similar to solitaire.

I have not mastered the game. I got some wins the game at normal difficulty mode. But, I frequently ruined the world. It is quite exciting because in every turn viruses are spreading.

I have not played Pandemic with other people. In the UK, my friends often played Pandemic. But I could not have an opportunity to share the table with them.  So, I am enjoying the game now.

On the other hand, I am doubtful that Pandemic is so amusing as a multiplayer game. If there is an excellent strategist in the players, he or she rules the whole process of the game. The other players merely adhere the direction of the leader. It is no good.

In conclusion, I love Pandemic as a solo-player game.


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