Thursday, December 1, 2016

Brazilian football team encountered aircraft crash

On 28th Nov, an airplane accident occurred, which blew Brazilians so hard.

The British Aerospace 146, chartered by Chapecoense, a famous Brazilian football team, had an electrical failure, resulting in a crash into a mountain in Columbia. There was a total of 77 passengers in the plane. And only six survived the accident.

Telegraph: Colombia plane crash: 71 dead and six survivors on flight carrying Chapecoense football team

Some team members, journalists, and guests were included in the victims.  Although some were alive, the death of great athletes is a shocking tragedy.  Chapecoense itself will be forced to be restructured for forming the team again.

Traffic accidents are serious problems without exception. But when such a specific vehicle meets a crash, the influence will be expanded. For example, if a bus carrying physicians who are gathered for an academic conference is burned out, local hospital network will be collapsed.

The rate of an aircraft accident is so low that we need not be afraid of encountering the trouble. Nonetheless, we should prepare for the possibility that one accident will destroy the function of an association.

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