Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hollande will not rise in the second term

Francois Hollande, the French President, announced not to participate in the next presidential vote. It is for the first time in these 50 years of French history of politics for the present president to quit his seat after the first term.

International Business Times: President Hollande announces he is not running for second term in 2017 presidential race

According to the media reports, Hollande said that he would like to give a chance of defeating extremists as well as conservatism to the ruling Socialists Party.

Indeed, National Front, a far-right party has a considerable degree of presence in French society. Recent terrorism occurred in Paris and Nice made citizens exclusive to foreign people. Their ideology is absolutely against socialists. It is expected that the ruling Socialists Party will win the next general election planned in January. However, Hollande himself is rather unpopular in France. Thus, his decision to abandon the Presidential seat in the next term means he prioritizes Socialists Party upon his own position.

I have introduced several events occurred in France so far. Some of them represent characteristics in the mind of French people, such as Anti-Amazon law to protect traditional booksellers and a homemade food symbol. Recently, I remember the burkini issue mainly discussed in France. Finally, the supreme court accepted burkini in the beach.

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French people seem to be struggling to balance the traditional goodness and newly values. The ruling of Hollande and Socialist Party is quite symbolic. I wonder how French people will assess the current situation after that.

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