Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why internet giants dislike eroticism?

Recently, Facebook updated its regulation of posting, named community standards. The statement of prohibiting the terrorist activity, organized criminal activity, and harassment.

Actually, it is not a new regulation at all. Facebook has been used to ban the accounts involving in antisocial behaviors so far. These explicit statements seem to be concerned about extremists such as ISIS and relevant organizations.

Facebook: Community standards

Interestingly, Facebook also mentioned the nudity and sexual contents. No sexual contents have been permitted in Facebook, so far, either. It is likely that increasing cases of revenge porn drove Facebook to clarify this regulation.

ITProPortal: Facebook adds clarification to nudity and “offensive content” rules

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I do not hope that my timeline would be filled with sexual and/or violent contents. So, I support its policy. On the other hand, it should be admitted that such elements are essential to make a new technology popular.

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In my opinion, innovators in the IT industry are very scrupulous in general. It is well known that Mark Zuckerberg has an ambition to make everything visible. Apple is also strictly regulating erotic contents in its market. Very recently, Google attempted to change the policy of Blogger, a personal blog service, to eliminate all adult contents. This proposal was withdrawn soon, perhaps due to a major opposing.

Blogger Content Policy

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Indeed, too many sexual contents perish the platform at last. In some computer gaming hardware, the games to enjoy graphics of girls were dominant in the end stage. In PC games industry, there are few new games developed but ones for adults in Japan. I am afraid that many sexual games are being developed in PS VITA.

Nevertheless, sexual contents are the so called necessary evil. Today, internet service developers seem nervous not to be criticized. But, excessively conservative thoughts interfere innovation. It is a difficult task to protect both the liberty of expression and social safety.

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