Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Galaxy S6 Edge unveiled

Samsung unpacked Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, flagship models of smartphone, in Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, and the preceding conference.

BBC: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Hands-on with the new handseta

Galaxy series is a famous brand of Samsung. I have used Galaxy S3 for 3 years. It still works well, although sometimes delaying in process perhaps due to the update of Android OS. Galaxy S6 and Edge is the successors of Galaxy S5 relased in 2014.

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Galaxy S6 equips some new electric parts such as octa-core CPU, 16 mega pixel camera, and 2560*1440 pixel display. The appearance was also evolved more luxurious.

Furthermore, Galaxy S6 Edge has a curved display, like Galaxy Note Edge. It enables us to see the notification of receiving call and email when the machine is placed the screen in the bottom.

TechRadar: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge release date, news and features

It will released on April 10. The price is estimated to approximately $1,000, depending on the volume of storage. Unfortunately, Galaxy S6 cannot equip an external storage such as micro SD card. I recommend the 128GB model, if choose, though expensive.

TechAdvisor: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge / Galaxy Edge UK release date, price & specs: When is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge coming out? Galaxy S6 Edge details

Samsung has been struggling in the battle of global market. Previously, it aimed at Japan for infiltrating flagship models, but its attempt seemed to fail. Galaxy S6 will be sold also in Japan, but Samsung is considering to retreat from Japan.

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On the other hand, some companies are rising in this industry. For example, Xiaomi adopted the follower strategy definitely just like Samsung had followed Apple in the past. Now, Samsung has to create some new values instead of mimicking conventional products.

I think that the curved screen is a symbol of the change in Samsung. It looks new, but not so innovative at a glance. Curved screen is attractive. But, suggesting clearly what this technology let us is the next challenge. I expect Samsung to show the answer.

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