Friday, March 20, 2015

Total eclipse in Europe

I am sorry there are nasty episodes sequentially in these a few day. It is entirely unintentional. Today's topic is clean and fantastic.

Today, March 20, 2015, we will see a solar eclipse. In some Norwegian islands, a total eclipse will occur. And in wide regions in Europe, a partial eclipse can be observed in A.M. Unfortunately, Japan is out of the target. 20 March 2015 — Total Solar Eclipse

An eclipse is a mysterious phenomenon, although its fundamental is quite simple. I have never seen any eclipses so far. So I am a little excited with the expectation to encounter this fantastic event.

On the other hand, eclipse causes several some problems. The authorities are warning to citizens not to watch the sun directly in order to avoid harming your eyes, and to care about the traffic on the road, because some people can be fascinated to the eclipse, to lead to an accident.

In Europe, there is another and bigger problem. Many European countries rely on solar power generators maintaining the electric resource required at daytime. Of course, the efficacy of solar power is fell on a cloudy day. Electric companies estimate the variance of electric power generation to some extent. However, the total eclipse may interfere the calculation seriously.

Electric power generation is a portfolio. In Germany, the proportion of the resource of solar power is approximately 18%. During the eclipse, some alternative resource of power is required. For example, water power plant will be worked more hard temporarily. In France, atomic power plants will be an important option as a backup energy.

I am not sure about the situation in London. Since it is usually cloudy, and I seldom see solar panels in London, the eclipse will not influence on the electric supply matter, I guess.


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