Thursday, March 19, 2015

Too stinking to fly

There is another odd news regarding an airplane. An aircraft returned to the departure because of a smell.

It happened in an airplane belonging to British Airways, 30 minutes after the takeoff. Some passengers seated nearby the toilet noticed an offensive smell. The crews found that there was "liquid fecal excrement" around the toilet. Unable to fix the pollution with the equipment on the plane, it seemed intolerable for the passengers to continue flying to the destination, Dubai. As a result, the plane was forced to return to the Heathrow Airport.

Mail Online: British Airways flight to Dubai forced to return to Heathrow Airport after 'smelly poo in the toilet' becomes unbearable for passengers

Unfortunately, British Airways could not offer another flight plan on the day, so passengers were trapped in London, after waiting several hours. Considering that there is no detailed report afterward, it is unlike that someone disrupted the flight intentionally with some stimulants.

Flight is very delicate activity. The decision of returning seems inevitable, in my opinion. If someone vomited seriously outside of the toilet accidentally, it would smell terrible. In addition, if it is possible, even little, that there is something harmful around there such as a stimulus gaseous object, the crews have to prioritize the security.

I have an experience of returning after the takeoff. It was the way to Yakushima, a southern island in Japan. In this case, I was offered a ticket for a ship to Yakushima, instead of an alternative flight plan. It took some hours to reach the destination, but I enjoyed the sailing for a while.

By the way, will the person damaged the toilet be punished for interfering the flight? If so, it is quite sorry for the person, or nobody will give them up in such a case.

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