Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Too thin new Mac Book with Retina Display

Apple conducted an event to publish the date and price of its new products on March 9th.

The new Mac Book was proven to equip a 12-inch Retina Display. It was named simply "Mac Book," without "Air." Amazingly, the thickness of its body is only 13.1 mm. It equips no fans, no external connectors other than Type-C USB port. You can charge it via this port. Thus, it is impossible to charge the new Mac Book and iPhone at the same time without any additional gadgets.

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Apple has proposed a new style of using gadgets repeatedly. The first iMac equipped no floppy disc drives in spite of the contemporary trend. The first Mac Book Air equipped only one USB port, and abandoned optical disc drives. Nowadays, we usually utilize cloud storage services to transfer the data, instead of US memory sticks. Considering it, Apple decided to sacrifice conventional USB ports, to pursue the thinness of the machine.

USB Type-C is expected to be the standard of connectors in the near future. Furthermore, it will be the only connector permitted to be attached to smartphones in the EU. Perhaps, Apple has chosen to obey the tide in the EU. But it is a hard luck to lovers of Lightning cable.

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The new Mac Book will be launched on April 10th. Its price will be 1,049 GBP for the cheapest model. In the US, it will be 1,299 USD. In Japan, it will be approximately 160,000 JPN including consumption tax.. Unfortunately, the price in the UK is considerably higher than in Japan, due to the base price level in the UK. For this reason, I am hesitating to buy it here, in spite of its attractiveness.

By the way, I feel the new Mac Book is too thin. Of course, thinner is better. However, there is a trade-off relationship between the thinness and toughness. I am afraid that the new Mac Book is vulnerable to physical pressure. It is miserable if you break the keyboard when you push one strongly. Calm and delicate management is required to deal with this Mac. In addition, you should be extremely cautious when standing in a crowded train. It is a disadvantage, compared to Let's Note series by Panasonic.

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I possess a first model of Mac Book Air. It had a failure around thermal control, I felt. I expect this new Mac has overcome this problem.


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