Monday, March 9, 2015

Does smartphone make change on medical care?

Nowadays, we all possess a smartphone. It looks like natural at a glance. But actually, it is extraordinary, considering the fact a modern smartphone matches a supercomputer made in a couple decade ago in the function.

There are several ways to utilize these tiny, but talented gadgets. It is regrettable that the most successful applications in the smartphone market is gaming. On the other hand, recently, some medical solutions using smartphones attract public attention.

D free is a unique architecture enabling to prospect the timing you should go to bathroom. There is an attachment to stick on your stomach. It senses your bowel movement and estimate when your faces will go out. It sends a message to the smartphone 10 minutes before the time.

I am doubtful if this gadget will work precisely. Nonetheless, it will be innovative, in particular in the scene of caring. There are many aged people with dementia. Cleaning after the excretion is a serious burden for caregivers. It has a potential to overcome this annoying problem.

Peek Retina is an adapter for eye examination. You can take detailed photos of your eye with this gadget. Opticians diagnose your eye condition with these photos even if you cannot visit a hospital.

Diabetes is one of the diseases causing blindness. The reason why diabetic patients lose their sight is abnormal angiogenesis in the retina. For this reason, they require regular observation of the retina. This invention may alleviates the cost of examination.

There are many other products potentially beneficial to the health. In the future, you will be able to consult Siri for your health problem.

However, developing a medical equipment is still challenging. Professional tools should meet a high standard to be authorized. Otherwise, they would shorten your life. Apple has abandoned introducing some medical equipment to the first model of Apple Watch. I think that this decision is deliberative. Repeated trial and error are needed for the establishment of exactly working machines. It will take several years before you rely on your smartphone about your health.

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