Saturday, March 21, 2015

Flying car debut soon

Today I introduce a dreamy story near to be realized.

A practical flying car will be available soon. AeroMobil, a company in Slovakia announced that it will launch AeroMobil, the first model of an innovative flying vehicle in 2017.

Engadget: AeroMobil flying car set to take off in 2017, autonomous version to follow

The Verge: AeroMobil hopes to launch its flying car in 2017, and a self-flying car after that

AeroMobil has a form of vanguard. It can fly as well as run on the road, carrying two persons in it. The wings can be folded when staying on the ground, so you can ride it on the public road.

Considering the fact that Boeing Jets can also run on the road, it may not be surprising that AeroMobil is dual-use. Nonetheless, imagine that you can fly whenever you notice the traffic is jammed. It is more surprising that the legal permission for its use both on the road and in the sky is proceeding without any troubles, according to the company.

Of course it will extremely expensive, perhaps nearly million dollars. The first buyers will be billionaires. Those who are willing to purchase a private jet may be interested in the flying car. As they prioritize time saving, avoiding traffic jam would be attractive. But, you would not able to use a runway with an adequate length in such a situation, unfortunately.

On the other hand, it is doubtful whether they drive the car on their own. Limited weight is a disadvantage of the flying car. Instead, there will begin some flying taxi companies in the future.

Issue of energy is another matter. AeroMobil use normal petrol for energy source. Shortage of fuel is a nightmare. Some safety function is necessary. The provider is planning to equip an auto-pilot function to this vehicle. If realized, we can be asleep during the whole course from the home to a foreign country. It is beyond the flying taxi. Fantastic!

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