Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Successful penis transplant in South Africa

It is an amazing case. An operation was carried out to transplant a donated penis to a man who had lost his own.

According to the media, the recipient was 21 year old man whose penis was maimed because of failed circumcision. His own penis had remained only 1.5 cm before the operation. Transplantation was so successful that he became able to erect his penis. It is incredible because human nerves hardly regenerate, and innumerable nerves are concentrated in the external genitals. The mechanism of erection and ejaculation is also so complex that many men are suffering from ED as you know. If this news is true, it is quite innovative.

In this article, some debates regarding penis transplantation in comparison to heart transportation were introduced. I completely agree with the opinion that this operation is justifiable. It definitely offers the recipients a better life.

In some countries like South Africa, traditional ceremonies potentially harmful to the body still survive. Several adolescents die due to inappropriate procedure of circumcision, regardless of the sex. Excision of the clitoris for girls is deemed as an abuse in modern Western standard.

It is not easy to distinguish a traditional ceremony from barbarous acts. Every culture should be respected equally in terms of its historical value. However, as a doctor, I think that circumstances proven to be potentially dangerous to the life have to be reconsidered. There are many patients waiting for a penis transplantation in South Africa. It is ironic that invalid circumcision provides the opportunity of this marvelous operation.

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