Tuesday, January 27, 2015

World obesity map

The world map of obesity was published.

It is well known that the US is suffering from obesity as a national problem. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had published the map of obesity in the US in 2010.

"Fat maps" show where the obesity epidemic has hit the United States hardest

Now, one-third of American and one-fourth of British are obese, according to the CIA. In addtion, there are higher proportions of obesity observed in some islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Gizmodo: How Fat the World Is, Visualized

American Samoa is the worst of the ranking, with 75% of the population reported as obese. One of the reasons for broadened obesity in Pacific islands is that Western diets have been brought to these countries by colonization, experts say.

Mail Online: How fat is YOUR country - and which nations have the highest obesity rates? These new maps may surprise you...

I am in the UK, seeing some obese citizens. But I do not feel that one-fourth of British is obese. It is no doubt that Japanese are not so obese compared to Western people. The proportion of obesity in Japan is only 5%.

Diet in Japanese has also been westernized. We are fond of eating bread and pasta. A large portion of fish has been replaced by meat on the dining table. Nonetheless, Japanese do not eat a large amount of meal. I felt American meal, but not English, was too big to eat completely on a business trip.

The likelihood of obesity highly depends on individual constitution. It is said that some black people are likely to store the fat they take. In an ethnically homogeneous group of people, some have more risk of obesity than others. Although dietitians always recommend us reduction of intake and regular exercise, the effect of such efforts considerably differs from each other, unfortunately.

Globalization is rapidly growing. But our constitution hardly changes in a short time. We should be cautious in altering our lifestyle.

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