Monday, January 5, 2015

Severe cold

Yesterday, I fell down because of a bad cold. I could not even get up, suffering from severe headache, and experienced a daydream.

Catching a cold is a common event for everyone. But, we are naive to virus causing cold in a foreign region. So, catching a cold in a foreign country often makes us seriously ill. Several years ago, I had a bad experience in Canada.

Cold has been an arch enemy to human for a long time. No one has invented the solution to conquer common cold.

To begin with, "common cold" is not a certain disease. It is a general term for acute upper respiratory viral infection. There are hundreds of viruses to cause respiratory infection. It is almost impossible to identify the virus attacking you when catching a cold.

In Japan, some physicians prescribe some antibiotic drugs to a patient who caught a cold. In a scientific point of view, it is meaningless. Antibiotics are not effective for viral infection. They believe that the prescription can protect the patient from deterioration, although there is no evidence about it.

The most important thing to prevent infection is to keep your throat wet. Viruses are vulnerable to moisture. Gurgling is useful, not for washing, but for moistening.

Anyway, I have to rest for a couple of days. I hope you will not catch a cold.


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