Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tattoo seal saves diabetes

Finger pricking examination will be replaced by a tattoo.

(By the way, this person has tattooed a Kanji which means "raw." Why it was selected?)

An engineer of the University of California, San Diego developed an attachment device. It looks like a tattoo seal. Sticking to the skin, it enables to measure the blood glucose level.

Gizmodo: A Rub-On Tattoo for Diabetics Could Mean the End of Finger Pricking

Conventionally, patients with diabetes mellitus have to examine their blood glucose level every day using a pin pricking device. Its needle penetrates your skin to bleed you a little. As I tried it once for an experience, it was quite annoying even if not so hurt.

Many patients with diabetes withdraw from proper treatment. It leads them to sooner fatality. There are some reasons patients are difficult to continue treatment. They have to abandon sweets, are forced to perform daily exercise. Medication is also bothering. In addition, I think that daily blood examination is also a troublesome ritual for them.

This new tattoo seal cause less pain. Yet I am not sure how many times they have to change the seal in a week, the frequency may be less than daily. If so, the suffering of patients will be considerably mitigated. Furthermore, it is superior to bleeding examination in terms of prevention of infection.

In the future, I hope a device to be invented which senses the blood glucose level and release proper amount of insulin automatically. Long acting injection has been already realized in other kind of medication. However, excessive insulin intake during fasting state would be critical. An involvement of a self regulating system in a nano-machine will overcome this challenge.

Diseases are painful, because of its nature. Some treatments are so stressful that the quality of life is damaged. If their agony can be reduced, it is also innovative as well as improvement of the outcome. I expect early realization of this architecture.

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