Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo shooting case

The office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine, was attacked by men with firearms on Jan 7 2014. A total of 12 people, 10 journalists and 2 polices, were killed The shooters said that it was an avenge for the prophet.

The Telegraph: Charlie Hebdo attack: France’s worst terrorist attack in a generation leaves 12 dead

François Hollande, the President of France admitted that this case was an exceptional barbarism. He raised the warning level in Paris to the maximum. Some counterparts in other countries also condemned the shooters seriously.

The Guardian: Fears of turning point for French politics after Charlie Hebdo attack

One of the suspects, a teenager, was arrested. The police is continuing to seek remained ones.

The World Post: Suspect Surrenders In Charlie Hebdo Attack

It is still unclear whether the group of shooters are connecting to an international organization. If so, this incident means a grand defiance against liberty, as many politician are worrying.

CNN: Charlie Hebdo attack: What we know and don't know

The media concerns also to the possibility that Islam-phobia will be exacerbated. Indeed, this incident reminds us the 9.11 terrorism. Although far different in the grade, this kind of massacre can cause uncontrollable fear on human mind. It is little doubt that the French government will become hostile to Islamic people. Immigration policies may be also influenced in some EU countries.

In my opinion, this case was not caused by an organization with clear intention. Perhaps, the criminals were only based on their twisted belief. However, such ruthless and brutal behavior gives them nothing worthy to gain. It is still difficult to solve a religious conflict with rationality. I pray for the victims.


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