Friday, January 23, 2015

Regular delivery services

In the UK, some subscription services have become popular.

They are not e-magazines I wrote in the past. Many commodities are subjected to the regular subscription services, not limited to newspaper and food, but sanitary goods are also available.

In Japan, I had been utilizing a food delivery service. It enabled me to take fresh meal everyday without annoying shopping. Such services often suggest some new products we have not tried yet, giving us an opportunity to taste a new cuisine. It is an advantage of regularly delivering.

In the UK, I have tried a sweets delivery service. Unfortunately, their products are not attractive for me.

Someone introduced a Japanese sweets delivery service. It looks impressive. Some products are quite traditional in Japan; others are rarely found even in Japan. I wonder who the customers are. Perhaps, some British enthusiasts of Japanese sweets are willing to make a contract, as well as Japanese residents in the UK.

Commodities fit regular delivery service. Who would like to go out for toilet rolls every week? Sanitary goods and condoms are also good candidates for delivery because some people feel embarrassed to buy ones at the store. Cooking oil, wrappings, and cleaning tools are potentially suitable for delivery.

However, I am afraid regarding the low performance of delivery in the UK. I have experienced some troubles about it. A pizza delivery took 1.5 hours. A parcel from Japan was nearly to be lost. frequently delay the estimated delivery time. To be honest, it is difficult for me to trust the whole delivery system in the UK.

Regular delivery services are advantageous for the providers because regular income is guaranteed. But adapting the tastes of each customer is challenging. I wonder this kind of services will grow much more.

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