Friday, January 16, 2015

Suicide is decreasing in Japan

National Police Agency of Japan published the number of suicide in 2014.

According to the official report, cases of suicide have been reduced for several years.

I have written several times about this issue. Japan is still a country in which many suicides occur every year. However, there is a tendency of decline in suicide rate recently.

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Why suicides were reduced is not definitely clear. The fact that a long lasting recession has been stopped due to Abenomics is considerably persuasive. Although the economic policies of ruling Abe administration is still debated, it is true that employees have been increased and stock prices have grown. In 1999, suicide cases were rapidly increased in accordance with the beginning of recession. Today's degree has returned to the same as before 1999.

Mainichi: Suicides decline in Japan for 5th straight year

At the same time, the population of Japan is going to decrease. It will also influence the cases of suicide. The earthquake and Tsunami disaster in 2011 might have affected the attitude of Japanese. Several factors must be relevant to this change.

Interestingly, some media have a pessimistic opinion about the suicide rate in the future. Indeed, recent economic measures suggest that Japan is proceeding to another recession. If Abenomics results in a failure, it will bring only more debts without any fruits to Japanese. It means nothing but a nightmare.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Recession hurts Japan’s fight to change suicide culture

The Japan Times: Japan’s rising economy results in fewer suicides, but recession might reverse that (mirroring the above article)

Mental health practitioners should be keen to help people around them. However, a bigger point of view is also required. We have to construct an optimized system to prevent suicides in accordance with the status of our society.

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