Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bad luck brings you cancer

If you have cancer, what do you feel? You may curse your bad luck, or regret your daily habits? Research shows the former is scientifically correct.

In an article published in Science, a popular academic journal, approximately two-thirds of cancers was proven to be a result of a mutation. Only one-third of all cancers was explained with gene and environmental factors.

The Guardian: Two-thirds of adult cancers largely ‘down to bad luck’ rather than genes

Science: The bad luck of cancer

Cancer is one of the strongest enemies for human. We have been struggling to conquer cancer for centuries. Many factors causing cancers are identified. Smoking is obviously a risk of lung cancer. Exposure to sunshine raises the risk of skin cancer. They are preventable with considering daily habits to some extent.

On the other hand, genetic factors are keenly studied recently. Angelina Jolie took a mastectomy for reducing risk of breast cancer, discovering she had a high-risk gene. Such examining are spreading gradually.

The Telegraph: Angelina Jolie's breast cancer announcement doubled number of women being tested: study

However, cell mutation to the cancer cell is absolutely unpredictable. Even if you have no risk factors, it is possible that a bad luck will attack you some day.

This result is very ironical. As a human, we tend to seek a reason for everything, especially in a disastrous event. We cannot accept that we are suffering merely from a hard luck.

The only thing we can is to be thankful for good luck in everyday we can spend.



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