Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Google auto-driving car to launch

It seems that 2015 is the birth year of Google cars. Singapore is going to introduce some driverless cars for business use. Similar planning is proceeding in the UK and the US.

In Singarpore, the first entry will be like a jitney service. The self-regulating car carries people for a short distance at low speed. It resembles a shuttle connecting platform in an airport, which has been already automated. It seems realistic.

Driving in a town is much more complicated. Accurate GPS is essential for safe driving. Emergency brake will be needed when the system is crippled. The authority cannot permit the service until the system is proven as trustworthy. As a result, auto-driving car will be introduced gradually by the government for a while.

Engadget: Singapore tests self-driving cars you use like taxis UK, US and Singapore testing low speed self driving cars on real city streets

Cars are indispensable for people living in a rural area. We imagine that we can be asleep in the car during going to a shopping center. On the other hand, urban areas will gain some merits by introducing auto-driving cars. It is expected that traffic jam is resolved with auto-regulation system. Of course, accidents due to human errors can be prevented. There are many advantages for populated areas such as Singapore.

On the other hand, if auto-driving car is spread, most professional drivers will lose their jobs. It will hit many immigrants, or lower class population.

When will the first self-driving car run on the public road as usual? I guess it will in some years, at least in some countries. And then, the value of driving license will also be altered gradually.

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