Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pizza is blamed as expected

A research regarding pizza consumption was released from the US recently.

This study was published in Pediatrics, a famous journal in pediatric region, on December 2014. The authors conducted some cohort studies to investigate the relationship between consumption of pizza in children and adolescents and their energy intake.

Los Angeles Times: Experts zero in on pizza as prime target in war on childhood obesity

The result is not surprising at all. Pizza lovers tended to take more calories. Those who have pizza as a snack were more likely to take excessive energy than whom eat pizza as a dinner.

Pediatrics: Energy and Nutrient Intake From Pizza in the United States

Interestingly, the amount of pizza consumption decreased during observational two years in younger children. I guess that children are likely to try various kinds of food and sweets other than pizza.

To be honest, I hardly understand the value of this research, although I hate to disgrace the researchers. Pizza includes the high amount of carbonate and fat. It is no doubt that taking much pizza is potentially harmful to your health.

In addition, this is an observational study. It is unclear what will happen if they are prohibited to take the pizza. Dietitians would tell parents not to let children eat much pizza to prevent them from obesity. But they might seek for alternative foods such as hamburgers or fried chickens. Otherwise, it is possible that obese children may have gained weight without pizza because of their particular constitution.

Matter of nutrition cause sometimes such a discussion. It is not realistic to conduct longitudinal interventional research regarding nutrition because of potential harm caused by continuous maladaptive intervention. It leads the difficulty of establishing a decisive theory.

Political conflicts also make it complex. Popular foods such as pizza and hamburgers are frequently blamed as a cause of obesity. It is not rational to attribute the cause of obesity, a nationwide problem for Americans, to a certain sort of food. There are many factors to contribute to gaining weight, so that diet is rarely successful.

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Anyway, there is no free lunch as a slimming method. All you have to do is eating properly.

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