Sunday, March 23, 2014

Think like an employer

There are enormous kinds of job in the world. Some persons belong to a company, others found a business. Their lifestyles are varied each other, depending on the position.

The duty of an employee is to obey a command of his boss. However, some people recommend him to make a habit to think as if he is the employer. According to them, it helps you to think on your own, broaden the perspective, and let your mind more flexible.

Others are opposed, say that thinking with responsibility is a waste of time. I can often see the ironic words "No value of work, pay for it" at the internet. Fortunately, I have never been heard about it directly.

It is certain that few workers would get a power to control their own work. Most of them cannot be given the freedom to choose the priority of several tasks. On such occasion, it seems to be worthless considering the meaning of the task in front of them.

Nevertheless, I believe that it is invaluable to have an eye of an employer for every businessperson. There are three reasons for it.

1. Training for problem solving
Deep thinking is a key to solve problems. When you invent a solution, the only thing you can do may be to make laugh behind the office because your boss has no ear to listen to you. In this case, the process to find your own solution will be utilized in another situation. Problem solving skill is trainable, and acquired through practice.

2. Servant leadership
Even if you are a subordinate under a stupid boss, never abandon improving the creativity at this position. As many Japanese misinterpreted, leadership is not bound for a boss. You have some opportunities to carry out your own plan under the control of someone else. You can even take a control without any power. This kind of thought is paid attention as "Servant Leadership."

3. Possibility in the future
It is a pitfall to identify the engagement in a task without profit as in vain. If you are involved in completely simple and boring task forever, you need not think with your own brain. Indeed, it is an unrealistic assumption. Someday, you may be fired, and you have to start your own business. Then, the idea you created in the past will be beneficial.

After all, it is absolutely good for you to think deeply and critically, regardless of the nature of your job.

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